Bow Bandits

Our Story


Welcome to our humble abode, we're mighty chuffed you dropped by! We are Tabea and Simon, a couple of young 20 something year old eco friendly Western Bow Tie creating bandits. We are the bow tie of choice for all those people out there who prefer to lead with their heart and passion any dang day of the week. 

Bow bandits was first brought to life through our personal wedding experience, with the coming together of family and friends as the fuel to our creative fire and has evolved into a bow tie family of bandits that we couldn't be prouder to share with the world.

100% Handmade

Perfect for weddings or any special occasion that may arise, we can create custom orders for your wedding party, as gifts or even a personalized, timeless collection for the groom and groomsmen. 


We use only organic or recycled materials. Bringing to life both men's & women's hand made, Western Bow Ties for the creative, stylish and environmentally conscience individual. Not unlike yourself we're guessing! 

Giving back

We like to keep things simple. Bow bandits is all about three principles. CREATE. CONTRIBUTE. SHARE. When you join the bandit family, you play a very important part in this cycle. By purchasing a bow tie, your honourable bandit is lovingly crafted by hand from our Berlin quarters. Each step of the bow tie creating process, from fabric to thread, considers the environmental impact on our collective planet earth.

The love continues round the mulberry as we donate 10% of each sale to 'The El Shaddai Charitable Trust' - a non-profit Charity working in Goa and other States in India for orphans, street children and children coming from economically desperate conditions; cared and provided with food, clothing, shelter and education. 

Last albeit least, you make your statement, by rocking your bow like a modern day bandit. So saddle up and join the revolution.

Because bows belong on bandits, baby!